Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What's for lunch?

Man, I could go for a really good BLT today. Too bad the tomatoes are all still green. The lettuce is awesome, and I cooked some bacon the other day so I have cooked bacon in the freezer. Waitin' on the 'maters.


Hadathought said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE!! I thought my one tomato plant, 2 cucumber and 1 squash plant were a lot!!! My tomato plant is as high as my fence and has 11 tomatoes. The squash has 6 already and I have a few cucumber-looking fuzzy things on my cucumber plants. Can't wait to see your harvest!!!

BKW said...

You're waaaay aheaf of me in production. So far, all I can eat is lettuce, but the peas are in pods and starting to ripen. My corn isn't as high as Marcia's but everything else looks like it's going great. Tomatoes should start ripening soon.