Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Octopus's Garden

I'm beginning to think that's what I've created. It seems I have stuff sprouting all over. Wow! It looks like great success! It looks like I have a green thumb. It looks like ... like I have a LOT of work ahead of me.

Okay, so I've got several varieties of tomatoes (who knew there could be so many? You say tomato, I say heirloom or hybrid?), a couple of varieties of corn, three kinds of peas (again, who knew?), lettuces, onions, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins (if the early leaves are any indication, Charlie Brown better get ready to bring it!), watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, and roses. Oh, flowers and plants galore! Red roses, pink roses, white roses and wildflowers and ornamental grasses, phlox, verbana, red flowers, blue flowers, pink flowers (florus pinkus?). A LOT of vegetation on my tiny plot of terra firma.

Here are pix of what the garden looked like a week after I got everything planted/transplanted. I started most of it from seeds, except the roses, phlox, and berry bushes. In a day or two I'll post pix of what it looks like now, three weeks later. If I can hack my way through it to get close enough for pix! Just kidding.

Anyway, enjoy. And if you need some salad fixin's....