Monday, February 20, 2006

News from the Potomac

Scout the Wonder Dog

Sorry I've been lax in posting but I've been busy playing with Scout the Wonder Dog. And getting my butt kicked in chess. I gave Sam a Red Sox/Yankees chess set for his birthday last year. The Red Sox are on quite the winning streak. Guess who has to be the Yankees? It doesn't help that the Yankees manager never played chess and the Red Sox manager was in charge of explaining the rules. The Commissioner, aka Rick, agreed to replace the Yankees manager in a game. Come to find out, you CAN'T move your outfielder in every direction or jump your own guys....

Hmmm...was that just an oversight on the part of the Red Sox manager, or was that a deliberate act of sabotage? The sly look and giggle of the Red Sox manager seems to indicate the latter, an obvious attempt to thwart the success of the Yankees. Maybe the Yankees manager was a little too hard on him when it came time to turn off the Playstation and do homework!