Saturday, April 01, 2006

Deal...or No Deal?

So my phone died the other day while I was talking on it. I have no idea what happened. The call was dropped and when I tried to call back, my phone had become a party line. This happened when I first moved into the house so, naturally, I figured it was the same problem, so I call the phone company. Pretty smart, eh? So they send a tech out the next day, about four thirty. Well they did say they’d have somebody there between the time I called Wednesday morning and the close of business Thursday. I think they schedule it like that simply because they can.

Anyway, he tells me the problem is with my phone or inside line and he can't fix it, so here’s a bill for $71 and call us again if you have any more problems. Hah! Seventy-one bucks and all he did was plug his phone into my outside jack and make a call. And he called a buddy, not the home office! Well, now I know I should take a phone outside and plug it in to test the line BEFORE I call SBC. Or AT&T. Or whatever they’re calling themselves nowadays.

So all this is just a set-up for the news du jour. I’m looking online to decide what phone to buy to replace mine, and I decide to check out, among others, the Best Buy site. Lo and behold, Best Buy is having a HUGE sale on cordless phones and phonesets. If I buy before the sale ends, I can save $1.00 on select models. I kid you not! A WHOLE DOLLAR! Wow, if that isn’t going to bring the customers in in droves, I don’t know what will. That’s an incredible incentive! I just wouldn’t feel right keeping this info to myself. I really feel the need to share this with each and every one of you so you, too, can take advantage of this great opportunity. I mean, how often do you get a chance to save $1.00? Why pay $65.99 when you can get the same phone for $64.99? But wait!!! On further inspection I found a couple of models on which you could save $2.00! That’s twice the savings! You can get a brand, spankin’ new Uniden cordless phone NOT for the low, low price of $24.99 but right now you can get that phone for $22.99. New and in the original box! (I assume, though it doesn’t actually say you get the box. Maybe that’s where they make up that extra $1 off. Maybe they don’t give you a bag, either. Hey, they have to make up the difference somewhere.)

If I were you, I’d act quickly because I’m sure this must be a limited time offer. How could they possibly stay in business offering this kind of savings on their products?

Alas, being the savvy shopper I am – when it comes to BUYING phones rather than repairing them (see the aforementioned unnecessary $71 charge) – I’m going to have to do more research before purchasing a phone from Best Buy. I don’t want to suffer buyer’s remorse if I find out somebody else is having a $3 off promotion!

BTW, at the rate I operate, I probably won’t actually buy a phone until, say, Wednesday. Then Thursday I’ll set it up to charge it. Gosh, I hope it comes with a battery. Maybe it doesn’t and THAT is where they make up for the discount. So don’t bother trying to call me until Friday. By then I’ll have my caller ID set up and I can ignore your call.