Sunday, October 26, 2008

So I was watching a McCain rally

on one of the cable news stations, doesn't matter which one, and it occurred to me that all the folks behind him chanting USA didn't really get what he was saying. He was criticizing Obama's "share the wealth" comment he made to SammyJoe the plumber, about how taxes would decrease for those making less than $250K and increase for those making more. Most of the folks in the crowd were dressed like they were farmers or blue collar workers, or low- to mid-level management. These are the folks who would BENEFIT from Obama's plan, and yet they are rejecting it with all the fervor of the crowd at a Texas/Oklahoma, Ohio State/Michigan, ND/BC football game. (you can insert your own favorite rivalry - mine is the Red Sox and anybody playing them in the ALCS)

If only people would THINK before making a choice. If only people would examine the issues and really understand how things work, especially the economy. A lot of Americans are in dire straights now. Could you imagine what it would be like now if Bush had privatized Social Security? This is like an exponential Enron collapse.

Please. People, THINK!!!!! If you agree with Obama's plan, vote for Obama. If you agree with McCain's plan, vote for McCain. But please THINK about and KNOW what the plans mean for you before deciding.

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