Sunday, August 03, 2008

Reminder to self

If you're gonna spend the time writin' anything interesting, do it in Word first, then copy and paste to the blog.
For some reason, when I type on my laptop, my cursor mysteriously chnages where the type is inserted, so my post looks like a jumbled up, cryptic ransom note. I'm sure it has something to do with me being a little heavy handed on the keyboard, or accidentally hitting some magic button secretly embedded near the

How ironic, it just did it on touchpad. No I did NOT do that on purpose. Honestly. it drives me friggin' nuts!

Oh yeah, and I'm constantly spelling words with the letter a ttransposed with whatever letong.
ter is supposed to precede it. And I constantly spell beleive wr

Geez, did it again. How did the ong. get up in the middle of the word letter?

That's supposed to say I constantly spell the letter beleived wrong. still comes out beleive. I know it's believe but it

Dammit! see how frustrating this can be?

Anybody have any ideas on why this happens -the cursor thing, not the spelling, as I'm sure that's just poor typing. Is there a solution. Is there hope for me?

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