Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Sox Nation News

Speakin’ about the Red Sox…well, if you weren’t, you SHOULD be! They really know how to keep things hoppin’!

Wow! Manny to the Dodgers. Manny being Manny in LA? What’s so exciting about that? There are a lot of Mannys in LA, and I’m not talking about the lawn guys. Manny is not going to stand out in Lala Land. More likely he’ll fit right in with the rest of the divas. But we’re gonna miss him. And his leettle friend too. Yup. He’s takin’ that bat with him. I sure hope the new guy knows what he’s in for. Maybe he should have talked to JD Drew before agreeing to the trade. Or Eric Gagne.

On second thought, let’s leave Gagne out of this. We don’t want to jinx poor Jason Bay before he plays his first game!

I guess we olde timers have to accept that it’s a whole new ballgame and we’ll just have to live without Manny. That probably won’t be so hard. We managed to survive losing Nomar. Who is now reunited with Manny. And playing for Joe Torre! Who ever saw THAT coming?

Anyway, for all you Sox fans out there, do me a favor and take a minute to let your voice be heard and vote for me for Governor of Ohio, the birthplace of aviation and one of the member states of Red Sox Nation. Just click here
. Again and again and…vote up to ten times. Please. Thanks.

Oh, and speakin’ of Ohio, the Reds gave up Ken Griffey, Jr. Now there’s a class act. A great player who’s fought his way back time and again from injury, the antithesis of Manny. I hope he does well in Chicago, but unfortunately he’s now in the AL so I hope he does well enough to make the playoffs but that’s about it. Just like wine, I like my Sox Red, not White. Well, I would if I liked wine.

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