Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where have all the Red Sox gone?

Oh, this does not look good. I know it's only spring training, but take a look at the box score from the Sox-Yankees game. Take a look at the players....

DHing for the Red Sox....MAnneeeey RaMIRez! The rest of the list - who ARE these guys?

Then take a look at the Yankees' line-up. We KNOW who those guys are. Most of them, anyway.

Here's hoping the new guys on the Sox can play well enough to make us want to know them...and that the next Sox-Yankees box score shows a win for the good guys!

PS - Johnny doesn't look good in pinstripes. Just as we're learning to cope with the Sox roster changes, now we have to find a decent kicker to move into Vinatieritory. Act now and you can save a ton of money on McGinnest, Vinatiera, Givens, and other Pats merchandise at the fire sale at the Pats Pro Shop....

Adam Stern CF-RF5131012.429
Alex Cora SS4010000.273
Trent Durrington 2B-3B1000000.190
JT Snow 1B2000000.308
Ian Bladergroen PR-1B0000000.500
Manny Ramirez DH2000000.370
Enrique Wilson PH-DH2000000.300
Mike Lowell 3B3111000.270
Ignacio Suarez PR-2B0000000.000
Wily Mo Pena RF4120012.375
Ron Calloway PR-LF0000000.227
Dustan Mohr LF3000000.333
Willie Harris LF-CF1000000.188
Ken Huckaby C4011000.286
Javier Cardona C0000000.000
Alejandro Machado 2B-SS3100000.275

Johnny Damon DH4110000.500
Kevin Reese PH-DH1000000.279
Derek Jeter SS3010000.417
Felix Escalona PR-SS0100000.265
Hideki Matsui LF1000000.294
Bubba Crosby CF1000000.182
Gary Sheffield RF2000001.077
Luis A. Garcia RF11100121.000
Alex Rodriguez 3B3000000.000
Russ Johnson 3B0000000.190
Jason Giambi 1B4100000.227
Andy Phillips 1B0000000.333
Bernie Williams CF-LF3131011.364
Kevin Thompson LF1000000.386
Robinson Cano 2B3010001.339
Miguel Cairo 2B1000000.273
Kelly Stinnett C3011000.296
Omir Santos C1010000.222

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